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comprehensive analysis of trends in PCB Depanelization industry development in Europe

0. With the development of science and technology to make our lives more convenient, in the machinery manufacturing Depanelization played an important role. Any industry has competitive pressures, China is the world big manufacturing country in the world, competitive pressure, today YUSH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, we meet at Depanelization industry in China foreign trends, hoping to bring you help.

1. Followed by the rapid increase in global smart mobile equipment needed, its components PCB Depanelization needs also will be greatly increased, the domestic sector pneumatic manufacturers consecutive start capacity expansion.

2. PCB is an important electronic components, is the support of electronic components, electronic components electrical adapter provider. Because it is the adoption of electronic printing manufacturing, it is called "printed" circuit board, China Depanelization.

3. And now, things in the world's largest PCB our country to give birth, although the global financial crisis to the PCB property formed a grand attack, but did not give the Chinese PCB property have catastrophic attacks in the country's economic policy consolation Chinese PCB Depanelization property presented in 2012 a comprehensive awakening, in 2012 China PCB production value of up to $ 19.971 billion. Prismark guess 2010--2015 years, China will adhere to a compound annual rate of increase of 8.10%, 5.40% higher than the global rate of increase of uniformity.

4. Depanelization, but of course, from the perspective of property was once a global first, but the PCB level skills for the entire property, still behind the world level ancestors. On the structure of the product, plywood entrenched sectoral large proportion of output, but most of the low-end 8-layer product as follows, HDI, PCB board Depanelization have a certain range but the technical content and product overseas predecessors Japan there is a gap, the highest technical content of IC carrier in the country is very few companies can perhaps give birth.

5. Today, China 2025 program has been in full swing in progress, Depanelization industry as one of the manufacturing industry under such national economic development strategy can be done? But also to learn what What support it?

6. China 2025 strategic plan defined national manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation five key projects, and a new generation of information and communication technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, more than 10 large areas of focus. It is driven by innovation as the core, industrialization and depth of integration of information technology as the main line to Intelligent Manufacturing - Manufacturing Digital intelligent network as the main direction. This is a key project and 10 sectors for some time, Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the starting point and focus breakthrough.

7. From this we can see that intelligent manufacturing also belong to one of a large key projects, Depanelization industry belongs to intelligent automation equipment industry, visible Depanelization industry in the future is a sunrise industry. But it is worth our attention is that China 2025 aims to develop Chinese manufacturing industry to improve its competitiveness in the international market and the establishment of an international status. Today Depanelization industry are basically small and medium sized plant, there is no great size and industry standards. Therefore, in order to better implement the plan, Depanelization industry is small but can not be ignored, must change the traditional mode of production as soon as possible, innovation and the development of core technology with independent intellectual property rights, combined with the country's "machine substitutions" policy, design and production can meet the industry-standard intelligent Depanelization and other smart devices.